Restaurant Management System Software


Features of MacQuills Restaurant Management Software

Restaurant management system is POS software designed for the food service industry. Like a standard POS system, restaurant management system helps you capture transactions and manage inventory with accuracy and generally run everyday processes more efficiently. A setup may include both software and hardware, too, like the cash register, bar-code scanner and receipt printer.

  • Inventory management – Managing your stock is the first step in creating a great experience. See what you have and what you need to never disappoint customers.

  • Customizable menu-Create your menu in minutes and add or remove items at will. Add photos and descriptions to let guests know exactly what to order.
  • Adjustable floor plan – Make sure floor plan adjustments are added to the system so your staff always know where to go and the customers never wait too long.
  • Kitchen display – Help the kitchen deliver the goods in less time with a display that helps the team prepare orders as they are sent.

  • Staff profile – Give each member of your staff their own access to MacQuills RMS so they only see what they need.
  • Hardware – Printers, Tablets and cash drawers, we can provide you with all the hardware you need to create the perfect work environment.
  • Self-Order Menu – Let customers order directly at their table on an iPad or at a kiosk and send their orders directly to save time.
  • Takeout and delivery – Process takeout and delivery orders in the system by assigning them to a table and make more profits.
  • Mobile service -Go where your customers are and take orders on the spot while they are being sent directly to the kitchen.
  • Flexible billing – Forget about manual calculations and big headaches when it comes to billing. Divide, group, transfer items between seats. Do it all.
  • Payments – Allow your customers to use their preferred payment methods and close their experience as smoothly as it started.