About Us

About Us

About Us

At MacQuills IT Solutions LLC, we’re your premier destination for ERP software and tailored programming in UAE and GCC. Our team, comprised of highly qualified developers, experts, and technologists, brings strategies from diverse initiatives. As an AI/ML-based startup, we provide cutting-edge solutions that elevate your organization, from IT management to application development.

We are dedicated to optimal choices, and maintain values in decisions, transactions, and communications, ensuring a reputable and trustworthy platform.


We are dedicated to optimal choices and maintain values in decisions, and communications, assuring a reputable and trustworthy platform.

Business savvy

Open up your ambitions with our website, where business genius meets intuitive solutions, simply igniting success.

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At our core, we extend respect to all. with customers, partners, or each other, every interaction reflects our regard.

Mutual efforts

We encourage genuine collaboration within workgroups, across functions, and among leaders, cultivating teamwork and synergy for success.

Who we are

Specializing in ERP Solutions, Accounting, HR Management, and more, our versatile offerings adapt to your needs. Beyond databases and servers, we believe in technology as an enabler of connections and growth. At MacQuills, it’s not just about investing in IT; it’s about investing in people. Our commitment goes beyond codes and software — it’s about understanding, innovation, and meaningful interactions. Join us in harnessing the true power of technology, where every investment is an investment in the strength of human connections. Welcome to MacQuills, which people trust most.

Nehan Perera

Founder / CEO

Ashan Palihapitiya


Iresha Peiris


Working with you…

At MacQuills, our commitment revolves around you, the cornerstone of our focus. We delve into comprehending your needs, your business intricacies, and the essence of your success. Building vital connections based on a profound understanding sets us apart. Our client-centric approach defines our dedication. As your trusted advisor, we diligently get your aspirations, business specifics, and objectives. Leveraging the insights of our seasoned experts, we blend local and global knowledge to empower you with confidence. Together, let’s propel your journey towards success. Join hands with MacQuills, where your priorities shape our path to excellence.

We have committed to assisting our customers 24 hours a day, and we have a completely active client service group.