Garage Software

Garage Software

Garage Management Software

Garage Management Software is an all-in-one software for vehicle service centre (garage) management. It’s very well suited for garages looking after internal vehicle fleet as well as doing commercial business activities like Inspections, Servicing and Repair for public customers.

Features of Garage Management Software

  • Advanced workshop scheduling/booking system
  • Job sheets, quotes, fleet management, vehicle health checks and Invoicing
  • Employee time registrations. (Clocking in system)
  • Sophisticated real-time workshop performance analytics/reporting
  • Paperless, full functionality
  • Suitable for field/mobile operations & multi-location
  • Advanced stock management, cost management, locations & bins
  • Comprehensive accounts packaged included
  • SMS & Email communication
  • Ultra secure Microsoft SQL Server database

Benefits of Garage Management Software

  • Improve workshop and technician efficiency using the live schedule
  • Easily manage large fleets and service schedules
  • Improve staff performance and punctuality with time and job registrations
  • Make informed and intelligence decisions using the business intelligence reports
  • Easily manage multiple locations or field & mobile operations
  • Reduce costs with streamlined and automated processes
  • Resolve workshop/time issues before they become a problem
  • Improve stock performance, reduce stock issues, understand stock requirements
  • Store vehicle health checks and workshop checklists electronically
  • Allow online bookings through a custom built website

Garage Software

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